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A R T C H I L D foundation

The a r t c h i l d foundation was established on 28 March 2013 by visual artist and painter Margareth Meulmeester (born in Enschede in 1958). Since 1996, she had been actively looking for a way of painting which would express the inner world of mankind on canvas in a natural way. Margareth has spent most of her life working with young children as a kindergarten teacher.

The a r t c h i l d foundation is for all children who love to paint, both individually as well as in groups.


Children see the world as they experience it: from an unlimited perspective. They are mostly still in direct contact with the invisible spirit world and are therefore better able to feel and experience the truth from their hearts.

During the workshop ‘Paint your own world’, children experience the freedom to act as they wish, choosing the colours and techniques they want, based on their intuition. Two steps will inspire them to start acting from their hearts. Artist Margareth Meulmeester will be the linking pin between the children and the spirit, forming the basis of the inspiration.

New age children have come to planet earth with a new-age consciousness. This way of painting enables them to express the energy of this new consciousness the way it was meant to be. At the end of the workshop, the children will feel happy with their canvases in which they recognise how they felt at the moment of creation. This generates calm, confidence and courage.

Self-belief and the ability to act and to speak freely are prerequisites for a happy life, bringing us closer to a more beautiful world.


Light is love and a platform for personal growth enabling you to discover and to be who you are (or rather: to become who you are).

The A R T CH I L D logo

Title: Discovery of the true self.
Size: 50 x 50 cm.
Material: acrylic on canvas.

In the days leading up to 28 March 2013, the day on which a r t c h i l d was founded, artist Margareth Meulmeester painted this canvas, which later became the logo. Because she wasn’t feeling very well at this time, and couldn’t do anything but sleep and paint: the painting was born. And as has been her experience after many years of working with this method, the meaning of the painting only became apparent later.

The painting ‘Discovery of the true self’ reminds the viewer of old Dutch master painters. The red hand on the right beckons the viewer to the canvas and supports the colour blue, there where the cosmic heart is, it will be opened to connect with the whole cosmos. There where the Spirit dwells. The face of the human being has no eyes because these are not necessary – mankind sees with the heart, with intuition. The mouth is open, ready to speak freely. The hat carries a new creature in it: focus on the yellow patch in the left of the hat, allow your gaze to drop a little and you will see a black semicircle: a closed eye.

In other words, the a r t c h i l d logo stands for:

The light in all people can be seen on earth if we look with our hearts and live the truth in word and deed.

Additional note: research has shown that children who develop their creativity can make better use of their cognitive resources.

A R T C H I L D 2017

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Outside in the grass
the daisy
the spring
of the mysterious

Margareth Meulmeester (1989 )
Poem from her poetry collection